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Since 1999, Commando Kennels has been at the forefront in K9 education in India. We have trained over 1000 dog trainers and handlers to embark on a successful career in canines. 

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Our courses are HANDS-ON. Not just knowledge, we ensure skill transfer as well.

Our courses are workshops where we teach you the skills and handhold you through the process.


​The Certified Trainer Program (CTP) is for those who wish to start with a strong foundation. If you have never attended one of our courses on positive reinforcement dog training, this is the starting point. We cover the basics and give you an in-depth understanding of the world of dogs, body language, dog welfare, and dog training. 

Whether you are a single pet owner or planning to make dog training your career, or if you all your learning is informal - this is the course for you. A lot of content is available on positive reinforcement, but this course will equip you with the motor skills and know-how needed to train. For course content click here

Hear what some of our students have to say and gear up for an amazing learning experience. 

Once you attend our CTP program you are eligible to attend our advanced training workshops that are conducted online or physically in Hyderabad. Here you learn skills, methods and processes followed by advanced trainers the world over.


Contact us today to know when the next workshops are scheduled.


Become a Germany certified Hunde- Training - Spezialist

The CTP course is the foundation for a HUNDE TRAINING SPEZIALIST certificate program. The Training Spezialist course is an international certificate course offered in Europe by the same trainers who are conducting this program.

For more details about the HUNDE TRAINING SPEZIALIST certificate program– Click here.

If you have been training dogs for some time, now is the time to upgrade yourself. Correction based training is obsolete and banned in many parts of the world, you need to move on.

If you have trained yourself by watching videos and reading books, this course will show you where you have been making the mistakes. Positive reinforcement is not about feeding, feeding, and feeding. There is a science to the training and this course teaches you that.

Change the way you think, to change the way you train.

Is this the right course for you?
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Commando Kennels has been at the helm of K9 education in India since 1997!  Our phiolosophy has always been to give our students tangible benfits and to train them hands on. We do not believe in 2 day seminars, which are conducted by "celebrity" faculty, rather we hand hold you and ensure there is proper skill transfer and understanding of the subject.

At Commando College of Dogs and Trainers, we believe in the science of animal behaviour and dog training. We are not about personalities and people. Our trainers and speakers are not just experts with animals, they also  have years of experience in teaching people to train animals. Indepth subject knowledge and experience in teaching makes this the best team to train you !


Mr.M.P.Butt is an obedience judge of the Kennel Club of India. He is the managing director of India’s premier dog training and trainers’ training institute – Commando Kennels.

He owns over 300 dogs many of which are deployed at various industries. At his training farm in Hyderabad, dogs are trained for house training, schutzhund(IPO), flyball, agility, tracking, attack work and heelwalk to music, French ring and mondio ring sport.

An authority on dog training, Mr.Butt has made many obedience champions some of which have become dual champions! He is now training a Belgian Malinois, and a Golden Retriever for competitive obedience

Katja Frey is a german veterinarian for horses specialized in horse osteopathy. In addition to her veterinary work, she has worked as a dog trainer in a dog school  for several years. At the same time she attended all 5 chicken workshops created by Bob Bailey and joined seminars and workshops of world leading dog and animal trainers. In 2013 she became a member of the TOP Trainer association, an international group of very advanced animal trainers.  She is one of currently three TOP Trainers and instructor of  chicken workshops in several countries.  Katja Frey is the author of several books and  DVDs on animal training.

In 2015 she set up the qualification "trainingsspecialist" for experienced dog trainers at several international locations as head of training.


Philip Butt is  CEO of Commando Kennels, India’s premier dog training kennel.
He has trained dogs and won various Obedience Competitions.
Together with his father – Mr.Prakash Butt,he has  introduced  and demonstrated Schtzhund, Flyball, French Ring Sports,  Heel walk to Music – All for the first time in India.
He is an avid writer for leading dog magazines and also the Hon.Secretary of  The Hyderabad Canine Club – organisers o
f HyCan shows.
He is a certified trainer and B level Groomer trained in UK, Germany,China and Finland.

He has trained over 100 dog trainers across India.

He constantly upgrades his skill and knowledge and is an expert on many canine training  fields including FCI obedience, tracking detection, show handling and protection.

Philip will be teaching the Certified Trainer Foundation course.

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Since 1999, Commando Kennels has been at the forefront in K9 education in India. We have trained over 1000 dog trainers and handlers to embark on a successful career in canines. 

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In Association with: The Obedience & Agility Club - affiliated to THE KENNEL CLUB of INDIA


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Become a member of the OAC and enjoy a lifetime of benefits! We are a KCI recognised body, committed to improving dog training standards in India. We train and certify trainers, we also conduct regular welfare activities and a lot of education for all members. Whats more - becoming a member of the OAC is the first step to becoming a KCI Obedience Judge!


To join the OAC, call our secretary - Mr.Prusti on 943 700 2910, or email 

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