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The course was conducted over 14 days in different modules.


From August 10th to 17 was the Foundation Course for Beginners and those embarking on a career in canines. Here we covered teh canine body language, welfare, care, maintenance and handling.

From August 15th to 19th, we conducted India's first ever Low Stress Handling workshop for Veterinarians. This was a landmark event  in association with PPAT ( Pet Practitioner's Association of Telangana).

Parallelly from August 19th to 23rd we conducted an advanced training course for Dog trainers. Using chicken as a model, the detailed concepts of animal training  were taught, with focus on enhancing both knowledge and skill.

Read on and see how Commando Kennels (India) and Training Specialitz (Germany) are together changing the dog training landscape of India.



Commando Kennels has been at the helm of K9 education in India since 1997!  Our phiolosophy has always been to give our students tangible benfits and to train them hands on. We do not believe in 2-4 day seminars, which are conducted by "celebrity" faculty, rather we hand hold you and ensure there is proper skill transfer and understanding of the subject.

At Commando College of Dogs and Trainers, we believe in the science of animal behaviour and dog training. We are not about personalities and people. Our trainers and speakers are not just experts with animals, they also  have years of experience in teaching people to train animals. Indepth subject knowledge and experience in teaching makes this the best team to train you !


Dr. Katja Frey is a german veterinarian for horses specialized in horse osteopathy. In addition to her veterinary work, she has worked as a dog trainer in a dog school  for several years. At the same time she attended all 5 chicken workshops created by Bob Bailey and joined seminars and workshops of world leading dog and animal trainers. In 2013 she became a member of the TOP Trainer association, an international goup of very advanced animal trainers.  She is one of currently three TOP Trainers and instructor of  chicken workshops in several countries.  Katja Frey is the author of several books and  DVDs on animal training.

In 2015 she set up the qualification "trainingsspecialist" for experienced dog trainers at several international locations as head of training.


Since three years she has a lectureship at the University of Giessen in the veterinary medicine on the subject of "medical training".

Philip Butt is  CEO of Commando Kennels, India’s premier dog training kennel.
He has trained dogs and won various Obedience Competitions.
Together with his father – Mr.Prakash Butt,he has  introduced  and demonstrated Schtzhund, Flyball, French Ring Sports,  Heel walk to Music – All for the first time in India.
He is an avid writer for leading dog magazines and also the Hon.Secretary of  The Hyderabad Canine Club – organisers o
f HyCan shows.
He is a certified trainer and B level Groomer trained in UK, Germany,China and Finland.

He has trained over 100 dog trainers across India.

He constantly upgrades his skill and knowledge and is an expert on many canine training  fields including FCI obedience, tracking detection, show handling and protection.

Stephanie Grath has Trained Dogs for various Trails – such as Team Test, BH/VT, IPO, Obedience , 4-Kampf, participant in German Championships and regional Qualifications.

She is a DBSV Evaluator and holds certification in dog training from many institues including Ethologie Institute Cambridge, ATF Courses (Dog and Cat Behaviour), “Hundeführerschein” of the LMU- Munich, Intense contact to a dog training school (Cairns, Australia) , Puppy Pre School (Brisbane, Australia) and at “Guide dogs for the blind” ( San Fransisco/USA).


 She has conducted seminars and taken courses in several dog clubs including  (Buenos Ayres, Argentina)  K9 Military (Sao Paulo, Brasilien), American dog trainer (Philadelphia, USA), Ausbildung als Schutzdiensthelferin ,and  Military K9 Unit (Nairobi, Kenya)

Dr. Angela Bartels is a Specialist Vet for Ethology and a Specialist Vet for Animal Welfare. She is a research assistand at the Chair of Animal Welfare, Ethology, Animal Hygiene, and Animal Housing and  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.

Her epertise is dog behaviour and she has conducted a thesis on the assesment of dog behaviour.

She was Major Vet at the Bundeswehr School of Dog Handling, Germany for over 4 yearsand also Research assistant at the Institute of Animal Welfare and Ethology (domestic, laboratory animals and horses) of the Veterinary University Hannover, Germany

Daniela Sequani studied educational sciences and worked for many years as a Montessori teacher in Italy. Because of her deep interest in how humans and animals learn, she attended a series of advanced training courses in the field of cynology. She currently supports Katja Frey as an assistant. Daniela Sequani enjoys spending time with her Sheltie “Nuri” and competing in agility tournaments.


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In Association with: The Obedience & Agility Club - affiliated to THE KENNEL CLUB of INDIA


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