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Woof Hyderabad'18 was a landmark event in dog training in India. Read more about it here


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The course was conducted over 10 days in two parts. Part one focused  on training for the new KCI obedience rules, using the latest techniques being followed globally.
Part two focused on equipping students with skills to train using positive reinforcement. We taught you operant training by training chicken! WOOF HYDERABD'18 was India's first ever CHICKEN TRAINING CAMP and you will be amazed at what all the students learnt by training the chicken.

Read on and see how we created history in India in 2018!

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Mr.M.P.Butt is an obedience judge of the Kennel Club of India. He is the managing director of India’s premier dog training and trainers’ training institute – Commando Kennels.

He owns over 300 dogs many of which are deployed at various industries. At his training farm in Hyderabad, dogs are trained for house training, schutzhund(IPO), flyball, agility, tracking, attack work and heelwalk to music, French ring and mondio ring sport.

Over 350 trainers from all over India have benefitted from the training and grooming courses conducted by commando kennels.

An authority on dog training, Mr.Butt has made many obedience champions some of which have become dual champions! He is now training a Belgian Malinois, a beagle and a miniature pinscher for competitive obedience

Nina Manner  started training with Airedale and wales terriers in the 1990's. In 2010 her dog was placed 3rd in the Obedience World Championship held in Denmark with her very young border collie. She has been qualifying regularly for the very competitive Finnish Obedience Team for 5 years with nice success. She also won Finnish Championships in obedience in 2011.

She has had the most successful career in different dog sports: She won Finnish Championships in tracking. Her dog has the rare distinctions of being a Finnish Champion in obedience, water rescue, tracking, searching, rally-obedience and agility. Nina regularly conducts obedience seminars in Europe and Japan.

Jaana Rajamaaki started her career as an obedience trainer in 1994. In 1999 she founded ‘Clicker Trainers club Finland’. From 2002 to 2012 she attended operant conditioning workshops ”Chicken camps”run by Bob Bailey, in Sweden From 2006-2013 she conducted Operant conditioning workshops in Finland together with Tommy Wiren and later founded her own Business - 'Joy of Learning'; Teaching people animal training techinque through chickens and dogs.

Her Motto: ”There is always something new to learn. Learning never ends!”

Karita Bostrom  is Jaana’s assistant at Joy of learning; She has attended operant conditioning I-IV courses many times -She has also been an assistant with her own dog in courses for dog-owners. She has used her knowledge and skill in dog training of  Brown bear, Kodiak bear, Polarbear, Wolverine. She has used operant conditioning with own horse and late dog.

Philip Butt is  CEO of Commando Kennels, India’s premier dog training kennel.
He has trained dogs and won various Obedience Competitions.
Together with his father – Mr.Prakash Butt,
he has  introduced  and demonstrated Schtzhund, Flyball, French Ring Sports,  Heel walk to Music – All for the first time in India.
He is an avid writer for leading dog magazines and also the Hon
.Secretary of  The Hyderabad Canine Club – organisers of HyCan shows.
In January and February this year, he has undergone an FCI obedience training workshop and also a course on advanced tracking and detection.
He is a certified trainer and B level Groomer trained in UK, Germany
,China and Finland.

He has trained over 100 dog trainers across India.



" In one word - Brilliant!"

" In one word - Brilliant!"

" In one word - Brilliant!"

" I thought  I knew everything, till I came here"

"The best place to learn Dog Training"

"Life Changing Experience"

" I will definitely look forward to more courses by Commando Kennels and recommend this course to everyone "

" Commando

Kennels - Rocks! "

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In Association with: The Obedience & Agility Club - affiliated to THE KENNEL CLUB of INDIA

Organised by : COMMANDO KENNELS - The Home of Dog Training in India

Supported by - The Hyderabad Canine Club

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