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Foundation  Course  (29/09/21 to 04/10/21)


  • Body Language

         Dog to Dog

         Dog to Human

         Human to Dog

  • Operant Conditioning

  • Training Techniques





  • Training plans for 10 basic behaviors/commands

FCI Obedience Advanced Course 

  • Send  Away  Drop And Recall

  • Directed Retrieve

  • Sit, stand and down on recall



Advanced Module 1

Cueing & Stimulus Control

  • Stimuli

  • Cues/ Signals

  • Signals/Cues as secondary reinforcers

  • Poisoned cue

  • Introducing a signal/Cue

  • Stimulus discrimination

  • Non Reward Maker

Medical Handling

A course of stress free handling of ANY pet designed for Veterinary professionals. care givers, and all animal lovers .

Advanced Modules 2


  • Evaluation

  • Training steps

  • Definition of the goal behavior

  • Planning of the steps

  • Structuring the training


  • Advantages of a documentation of the training

  • Different way of documentation

  • How to use the documentation

Advanced Modules 3


  • Aspects of a behavior

  • Speed

  • Distance

  • Latency

  • Accuracy

  • Duration

Stimuli concerning the behavior:

  • Eliciting stimuli

  • Final cue

  • Distractions

Advanced Module 4

Location of the reward:

  • 3 possibilities

  • Effects of the 3possibilities

  • Response cost

  • Importance of the location of the storage of the primary reinforcer

Dog Grooming 


Add ​to your repertoire and learn practical hands-on grooming of dogs of all types and coats. Our grooming course includes the Medical Handling course to make you the complete pet professional.

Coming Soon
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